I get to take Yang at The Ashram today :)

We don’t have teacher training this weekend which means I can attend the 10 a.m. Yang class led by Davin.  I am really happy! Gary’s Power class is always a great experience but I want to get upside down!  I’ve been doing *a lot* of Power and you don’t do arm balancing and inversions and deep backbends in there.  I love Power, but Yang is really my favorite.  🙂  In 4 hours (not that I’m counting, haha.).

So for now I’m having my coffee and thinking about all I want to do today.  We plan on seeing Big 6.  Let’s check out the trailer!

At the moment I’m loving my coffee and my fluffy robe and my Bose Headphones.  The latter playing Hold me now by the Thompson Twins.  I’m going to youtube them now – I can’t recall ever seeing the video for it.  Wait, here we go!

I made some videos for IG photo contests yesterday. I’d include them here if I knew how to upload them.  I might have to beg Fisher to show me. 🙂 but here are the stills.

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