3 day work week

Yes!  I am off this Thursday and Friday for a variety of reasons – and it turns out that my daughter Naomi will be in town!  I am so excited, I always have to work when she’s around but this time I will be a free bird. Hooray!  Let’s fast forward time shall we?

The IG post of the day is King Pigeon. I will probably enter this picture into the contest, but I might try for a better one this morning at the studio.  I really would like a mural shot, I’ve been doing a lot of photos in the Big Studio due to the weather.


I gotta leave it here for now if I’m going to prepare for the 6:15 a.m. class.  I haven’t taken a Power class in days due to this dang cold but I think I have it in me today.  I certainly want to try! Luckily I’m not teaching until Thursday – Harlan has proclaimed that I have laryngitis and need to rest my voice 😦

Have a fantastic day

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