The pose of the day is Tripod. It’s funny, I don’t practice tripod a lot, I much prefer traditional headstand; I can hold regular headstand for long periods of time but tripod wears me out. I’m going to try to give tripod more attention – and alternate hand placement in general.

IMG_8267.PNGHere is a traditional headstand in case you are curious


headstand splits
headstand splits

let’s see if I can quick find an alternate arm placement picture (I have a lot of disorganized pictures!)

IMG_7403 ok, gotta run for now – I have to meditate then put on my game face.  Big day ahead.  But I am taking tomorrow and Friday off so I just have to get through 6 hours…..  Then nice long weekend to enjoy with my family. 🙂  Off I go to

Not Just Hot Power though!
Not Just Hot Power though!

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