Vacation Thursday

Ok, I don’t have the IG post of the day yet, I plan on taking it around noon today, when I go to class.  I wasn’t up for class yesterday and it bummed me out.  But today I’m feeling a lot better and ready to take on my work in earnest.

What I do have for you today lovely viewer is my favorite Google Doodle ever, of course that being Freddy Mercury’s.

I need to leave it there for now, I need to walk the dogs in about 15 minutes.  Romeo would prefer it be this very second but I’m still finishing up my coffee.  But he gets naughy-ish if I ignore him too long.  Taking Fisher to breakfast when he gets up which should be a lot of fun!  I just hope I restrain myself from eating too much so I can really enjoy noon class.

Teaching Yin tonight and Power tomorrow.  Lots of dog walking and yoga for the next few days!

Over and out

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