The Beat Goes On

Well, here we go again.  Another day, another dollar.  la dee da da da. Thanks to the wonders of youtube, here is the fantastic Sonny and Cher

Here is the #JustBePresent IG challenge shot.  I must admit camel is not one of my favorites. I often get dizzy.  Clearly I need to work on it,for it is a powerful heart opener.  My very flexible spine would appreciate it.  I think I’ve identified a New Year’s Eve Asana resolution 🙂


Now I’m contemplating the wisdom of the movie GroundHog Day whilst listening to I’ve Got you Babe.  After I watch this I’m going to watch the GroundHog Day Trailler and then meditate. Power at 6:15!  Only two more days of IDRI until vacation.  So much to do it boggles my mind.  But first things first – enjoying Power with Ali.  That will charge me up.  Anyways, here you go.

Over and Out

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