Final posture of #justbepresent. Embryo Pose.

Man, how I love embryo pose.  I do it several times a day and I highly recommend it, So here it is!   Also a new one for Jan! 💚💙



It is a regular work day at IDRI and I wasn’t smart enough to take the day off, so 6 hours of science separates me from my vacation until Jan 5.  Only 4 a.m. at the moment – at 6:15 a.m. I’m going to take Elfie’s Power class THEN head to Seattle, I expect traffic will be light for a change.  I have tons of data entry to do today.  The TB lab is closed today so it is all about computer work…. sigh.

Gratitude List:

1) been hearing from old friends

2) Family healthy and safe

3) my fresh pedicure.  Ruby red sparkles.  Absolutely perfect for the holiday season.  My toes WILL distract me at class, I assure you 🙂


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