Crow pose/Bakasana. Love it. Quite an accessible pose with a little practice. Essential for learning more complex arm balances. A bread and butter pose for me.



Bummed that it is back to science Monday.  I have done an amazing job of mentally checking out during break, am eager to give science my all for the next 8 work weeks.  Wow.  8 weeks will go quickly – especially given that January weekends will be devoted to teacher training!  And I’m taking a week off to go to ABQ in Feb.  Yay!

No Power class this morning for me.  I’ve got to be at IDRI at 6 a.m. today.  I’m on doggy duty, need to walk them before a doctor’s appointment.  😦  I will have to do parking garage emergency yoga probably.

Have a great day!

Incidentally this is what is on my Queen Pandora Radio Station atm.  One of my favorite bands of all time, for sure.  I don’t care if you find that dorky, either.

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