Teacher Training Weekend – Anatomy

First things first, I’m listening to Queen on my Queen Pandora Radio Station atm.  Gotta share the joy…This video is a total riot.

Big weekend ahead – Tina Templeman is giving us an Anatomy Workshop today and tomorrow at The Ashram for the teacher trainees.  I am so glad I’m auditing, learning so much.  This is THE weekend I’ve been waiting for; Tina is a truly gifted instructor and I LOVE anatomy. So it should be quite fascinating and fun.

Today’s pose for #beSTRONGin2015 is side crow.  A pretty accessible arm balance with a little practice and always a good parlor trick.  Here is my offering


Super excited to watch the game tonight with Harlan. We really haven’t gotten to enjoy much football together this season – and when we do it has mostly been on the DVR so outcome already known.  Tonight, we will be glued to the TV in real time – hooray.  It is *WAY* more fun to watch football with him, he is quite the commentator.  I’m convinced he would make a great one actually, he REALLY knows a LOT about sports and he has a beautiful deep voice.  He usually pipes in his comments well before the commentators do and he’s consistently dead on with his calls.  Anyways it should be exciting

Oooh, now Pink Floyd is on Pandora.  I think I have to quick plop down in my meditation chair and close my eyes.  I love them.  Have a fantastic day, don’t forget to take some time to do a stretch or two. You will feel better as a consequence.

straddle stretch

straddle stretch

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