Video Snippet for Day 13 of #beSTRONGin2015

Ok, I really love love love headstands.  Daily inversions are the nicest thing that you can do for your body, defying the effects of gravity.  Headstand is very accessible assuming no neck injuries.  They can always be practiced near a wall 🙂

I really wish I was shooting this one by water – lake or ocean or a mountainous backdrop.. But this is from the lovely Big Studio at The Ashram, the studio that I love more than any studio I’ve ever practiced at.  🙂 🙂 🙂  Today I was keenly aware of the reality that in a few months I won’t have the luxury of accessibility to this lovely space.  You better believe I’ll be seeking it out when I’m in town however!

TIme to walk the dogs, I’ll leave it there, for now.  Namaste!

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