It is Friday 4:40 a.m and I’m enjoying my coffee.  I haven’t yet shot the IG challenge pose of the day – it is a variation of side plank so I’ve got to truly warm up the arthritic shoulders before I take it on.

I have to give a presentation today to external collaborators.  I will skip yoga this morning in order to go to IDRI early and practice it.  I am not going to miss scientific presentations, not in the least little bit.  I will also not miss gowning up and working in the BL3.  I will miss co-workers but I am so excited to leave microbiology and molecular biology behind.  Only 31 office days until my planned departure!  It is also less than 4 million seconds from now, incidentally.


Two little gestures this week -a chocolate and cute note and a fist of silly putty were left for me this week.  Little gestures like that put a nice spin on the day.  Really touched my heart.  Thanks Ali and unknown IDRI co-worker 🙂 🙂 🙂

It is about time to face the music and get prepared for said presentation.  I only have a few more presentations to give, I have to keep that in mind.  And remember to breathe of course.  🙂

Have a beautiful weekend.



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