Game Day!

Dang it is WINDY here at the moment.  The wind woke me up several times last night, I think it is the highest wind I’ve ever experienced based.  My biggest concern is of course, field goals in the wind.  But the game is 7 hours away and I think the wind is supposed to die down.  I’m glad – my white Prius Trixie was smashed when a pine tree fell on the carport she was under in a windstorm several years back.  So wind sort of stresses me out.

On a much happier note, I am listening to Eye of the Tiger on Pandora.  I was just reminded of one of my favorite Supernatural comedy moments – and thanks to the wonders of youtube, here it is

I haven’t yet shot the IG challenge pose of the day – Firefly.  I plan on shooting at the studio before the training session this morning. I am pretty sore from all the yoga I did yesterday.  🙂  It was so much fun but very physical – the trainees wrote and taught about 30 minute classes in small groups. Not an easy exercise, to be sure.  I’m beat up!  But here is an old firefly photo

Timestamp of snap: 0:16.4

Today’s firefly will be done wearing my Seahawks yoga pants, for certain 🙂

Ok, off to meditate.  GO SEAHAWS


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