FRIDAY!!! Hot Damn!

It has been a pretty long week for this kid and I’m thrilled that it is drawing to a close.  It is another teacher training weekend, I’m not sure exactly what our focus will be but I’m sure it will be good information, no matter.

I watched Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Video for the first time last night.  It was the first video of hers I’ve ever seen. She is an interesting performer  But I think I prefer this one better. It went geek viral several years ago but I think it is time to dust it off and enjoy it again. I feel for this chick, I really do 🙂  I wish I was that creative.

Have yet to do the pose of the day, I’ll wait until I’ve had my coffee and showered, at the very least.  I am torn between going to 6:15 a.m Yoga  or taking the 5 p.m. class.  It would be a treat to go in early/finish around 2 p.m. with IDRI. Traffic is so much nicer then.  Seattle is beautiful but between the sometimes incessant rain and consistently shitty traffic….. Oh, I think that is enough negativity.

SuperBowl fever continues to build.  In a way I’m sad that we’ll be watching the game in Albuquerque – we have to go inspect house renovations coinciding with the Big Game.  We will have to go to a sports bar to watch as our house does not have TV – I wonder how many Seahawks fans I’ll encounter.  But the experience should tell me a lot about my future city.  No matter what, I am glad we’ll be getting to see the progress,  We are getting the driveway paved, new kitchen counters, new dishwasher that requires a bit of a remodel, and laminate flooring replaced with porcelain tile.  While we are there we’ll be making lots of decisions – blinds, paint choices. I can start planning my kitchen garden and the thought of that pleases me a great deal.

Have a fantastic Friday, All.  Namaste.

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