Supernatural :)

I love the TV Show Supernatural.  I have watched it since the pilot episode many moons ago.  Here are a few great Dean moments that make me smile.  Jensen Ackles is a talented son of a gun.  He seems like a genuinely awesome person.  🙂

I think this will be my IG challenge picture today. But I might try again in a little bit first.  I might even do it as a video, I have peace with Eka Pada Sirasana (One foot behind the head).


But now it is time to meditate. I’ve been rather lax on my vacation.  Illogical, I know it is always time well spent.

Teaching Yin this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. Very excited about it, I have missed my classes a LOT!  I’m planning on Noon Power, but there is a 10 a.m. Bikram that I could potentially rally for (I know it would be very good for me). Today is shaping up to be a great day. Ooooh, and i gotta walk these guys around 7 a.m. It would be ever so cool if it ain’t raining at that time. Yesterday was a very soggy walk……

IMG_9931 IMG_9933 IMG_9937 IMG_9939

Oh I’m rambling at this point. Over and out 🙂

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