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Warning, I have insomnia.  It is 2 a.m. Hmm. I’m hoping I’ll feel sleepy again, 2 is awfully early even for me (I was in bed by 9 thank God because I’m probably awake).


Wheel Pose was the pose of the day yesterday.  I love love love wheel (but it is indeed an intense one). I took time out at several times yesterday to photograph in various locations.  Here is the outcome of that work (which I posted yesterday admittedly).  I like this picture a lot.  One of my palms is not perfectly flat but overall I think I look pretty well aligned.


Other shots that didn’t make the cut


those are very nice too.

Scarlett was the inspiration for a special wheel dedicated to IG’s @dallasyoga.  The other day he posted his amazing car and of course an awesome poem.  He is very talented.

Here’s the shot


Nic then sent me the loveliest poem which I must share.  I’m choosing to go with a screen shot instead of typing it personally, for the effect I guess.


Just had to share.  🙂

Incidentally my back is not feeling too bad after all these antics.  I’m not in pain but boy I can tell I used my back muscles yesterday!  Please don’t practice backbends unless you are fully warmed up.

I’m going to meditate now and see if i can go back to sleep.  I could really use my meditation room in ABQ. I can’t wait to see it get painted

My yoga room
My yoga room

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