Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop

I think that is how it goes anyways.

Being the confirmed Catholic that I am, I was trained to think things like that growing up.  Really creepy and negative in my humble.  But I *have* had a pretty busy day as a retired person so maybe I’m not currently hell bound.  My only regret is I didn’t make it to The Ashram for a actual practice.  But I DID get new batteries for Scarlett, I scheduled a lot of appointments, did a nice personal practice, yada yada yada.

Here are a few shots from this morning’s practice.  I am not doing an IG challenge this month, just my own ‘thang.  Structure is for the moving process, I need a free form personal practice this month.  Namaste

By theresalom

I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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