18 days til ABQ

I spent nearly 1.5 hours on the phone with Alaska airlines yesterday – we intend to fly with the dogs in carriers so they can fly in the cabin stowed under the seat.  But you have to get a pet confirmation to do that and it turns out that only one pet can be in the first class section of the plane for some reason.  So I had to get Romeo and myself downgraded to the main cabin.  It’s all been figured out now but BOY did that take a long time 🙁  I have several more phone calls to make today and I hope to hell they go quicker that the Alaska fiasco!

Here is a little shot of what I’ve been up to this morning – a nice little yoga session.  I had just started recording when Harlan emerged from his meditation.  Here you go:

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

It is time for me to get dressed for what I believe will be a wet dog walk with the ninja husband.  The weather has been pretty sucky for days and I am sick of it.  So ready to be in ABQ.  Need some sun!


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