Last Yang Class

My gratitude list today

1) My daughter Naomi being around this week.  I have missed her so much (she lives in LA), it is very nice to see her before Harlan, Romeo, Zena, and myself head to Albuquerque next Saturday.  Been having a lovely visit.  🙂  She was instrumental in getting me to donate a bunch of my clothing.  I am not exactly known for being stylish and this is something that I may well want to revisit.  I mean, I AM off to live 1500 miles away!  Why NOT re-invent myself now.  Why the heck not?

2) Yang today.  It was a very bittersweet experience. Yang is my favorite yoga class offered at The Ashram. It is the closest to Jivamukti style yoga that the studio offers.  It is so free-form and creative and inspiring.  I am most dubious I’ll find anything like it in ABQ.  I do hope that I’m wrong!

3) That we’ll be in ABQ in less than a week now.  Limbo has been stressful.  I look forward to making the plunge.

Pups more interested in outside

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