Happy Easter!

It is our last Sunday in our Bothell home – and I am celebrating by cooking a vegetarian feast this afternoon.  But doing some yoga and correspondence and obviously blogging first.  It is a beautiful day in Bothell and the Basenjis have had a couple of walks already.  They are now basking in the sunshine. I wish I could learn to relax like these little cuties.

IMG_9573 IMG_9698

I’m trying to focus on the good but my thoughts stray when I gaze around the house and see all of our stuff.  How in the hell will we get all this crap to Albuquerque????  My poor husband is getting sick of my stress level and I don’t blame him.

Luckily Saturday will come very soon…. And I have my yoga practice to keep me sane.  Here’s this morning’s fun.  🙂

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