#13daysofgoddess IG challenge

Here’s an IG challenge that I’m super inspired by!  I know the hosts personally and so I’m highly motivated to join in on the fun from New Mexico 🙂  I was super bummed that I dropped out of #ForTheLoveOfLotus in March- but the move to ABQ was simply too demanding.  It was just another thing to stress about and I had no creative energy at that time.  No Ashram mural shots in this challenge, I will be highlighting the Sandia mountains I’m imagining.  Hopefully with some Basenji Photobombs.IMG_0591

IG post of the day

IG post of the day

We are mostly settled in (if you don’t try to walk through the garage).  Supposedly (please God let it be so) someone is coming over today to take all the moving boxes.  He said he could even make a transfer station stop.  He’s one of the lovely truck drivers we’ve met in this adventure.  Have I mentioned people in ABQ are really nice? 🙂 Gosh Golly Universe, please make this really happen.  Scarlett the Prius would be over the Moon if she could park in the garage. She appreciates getting pampered.

errands before move

errands before move

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