Our house in Bothell sold on Monday. It was only on the market for one day and we had multiple offers so got a nice price.  Much better than my experience with selling my condo a few years back. The real estate market is an interesting thing.  When we decided to move to ABQ I was SOOOOOO worried that we’d have trouble selling the Bothell home.  But nope, this time the Universe was very kind indeed.  I will miss that house, I wish the new owners the happiest of times there.


Bothell house in background.

With the proceeds we are continuing to do home improvements to our new home.  This week we are getting an adobe privacy wall to wrap around the back side of the house as well as steps to get down to the main part of the yard.  And we will be consulting with a landscaper – right now it is a lot of tumbleweeds in the making. I’m not complaining – we have an incredible view of the Sandia Mountains.  So I try and focus on that instead.


Romeo surveying his domain. On constant prowl for rabbits.


Sunrise over the Sandias. I am so very fortunate 🙂

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