Thank You

I received a LOT of well wishes yesterday and I think it worked – cuz I feel so much better today.  I’m most grateful 🙂  I really struggle when I have to sit still.  I am all good with 20 minute meditations but an entire day of being laid up is hell. I have much compassion for those who experience such pain on a daily basis.  I am **incredibly** lucky as I rarely experience such pain.  A big thank you to my husband for making me ice my neck for 20 minutes every 2 hours yesterday.  Ice really makes  a difference.

So I was able to get on my yoga mat this morning and BOY did it feel great. Here’s my favorite pictures. I know I was pushing it with a forearm balance… I was very determined to not fall over backwards today.  🙂

About to teach a private class so must leave it there.  Blessings from yours truly

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