Loving the stairs. :)

I can’t quite explain how happy I am about these stairs.  The awesome construction gang completed the privacy wall a week ago -but there were several days when the remaining bit, the stairs section was unchanging/unfinished.  This posed a major hurdle for the dogs – to get into the main part of the yard meant scaling the perimeter of the privacy wall. Zena figured it out straightaway and was good to go.  Romeo on the other hand, figured it out but it freaked him out – so that he grew to expect the humans to get down into the lower yard and help get him up/down.  If he wasn’t as cute, no hell way would I have done it.  But Romeo breaks my heart with adorableness, I find it very difficult to turn him down.

anyways, the funny thing is the dogs are a little bit scared of the beloved stairs.  I know they will get over it, and I’m sure very quickly but it is funny to see Romeo continue to cruise the wall line until it is just a few off the ground.  Kids!!!


IG challenge post of the day – firefly


Romeo is distrustful of new stairs


Looking toward the horizon


I promise he is NOT DEAD!


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