Our backyard

Privacy wall construction and new stucco work is now complete.  Next phase is getting a landscaper to help us with the tumbleweeds (I HATE THEM!) and planting tree and shrubs.  I know nothing about the plants that will thrive in New Mexico but I do know I can have a lilac tree here and I’m most grateful.  Love the scent of lilacs 🙂

We have had a lot of fun in the evenings watching the dogs romp and taking in the beauty of the mountains, the incredible sky and daydreaming about how the yard could look.  We really do have a spectacular view of the mountains and it is very grounding to gaze at them.  We also have two birds nesting in an eave of our roof.  I know we shouldn’t encourage such things but they are so damn cute.  I wish I knew what kind that they are but they never get close enough for me to check out their markings.


Nest and one of our feathered friends


sage stuccoed privacy wall


Ms Zena sniffing in the to-be garden




both birdies

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