I am a torturer of a Sweet, Undeserving Dog :(

This *IS* how I’m feeling, anyway.


Romeo has a spot that has been bothering him on his tail for a few weeks.  We’ve had him on Prednisone (they think it is an allergic reaction gone ballistic) and an antibiotic to fight the resultant skin infection, likely a result of incessant licking and exposure to abrasive sand. I love Romey dearly, I really didn’t want to put a cone of shame on this sweet little guy.

I’m pretty bummed!!  I’m also concerned that Zena has taken to grooming his tail as well.  I think we are going to have to separate them when unattended until Romey’s Owie Heals.  Things are not good in Basenji-Land 😦

On a much better note, I had a LOT of fun getting today’s IG shot together.  Sundial/Compass Pose.  It has always been a favorite spinal twist of mine.  Here is the shot I chose:


also a bunch I took whilst taking the aforementioned shot

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