I hate Titles

I find the most difficult part of a blog entry as giving it a title.  That would suggest that I’m about to write a cohesive article.  Yuck!!!  Double yuck!! Triple Yuck!!!  I didn’t like doing that in English 101 and I continue to not.  Of course, if accepted into the PIMA program I would suck it up, write amazing reports and blow away the competition.  Obviously!  But hey, this is my blog – and for me that means baring my soul just a little bit, sharing my yoga pictures, and decidedly NOT going for a Pulitzer Prize.

I used to think it would be fun to win a Nobel Prize, but I’ve transcended that.  I am pretty sure I would have had to sell my soul – and I’m sure glad I did not.

I’m sitting out on our back deck with Romeo (no idea where Zena is but it must be nearby) watching the Sandia Mountains disappear from view.  (insert when I get home, it is pretty crazy)

It has been gloriously cool and at times raining here in Rio Rancho.  I was actually inspired to weed the front yard this morning.  I am so STOKED I ACTUALLY DID IT.  I have been really down on myself for this – I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks, but by the time I think of it every day, it is just too flippin’ hot to actually carry through with it!

Here are some pictures I took once I tore out all the tumbleweeds.  I left a beautiful wild Black Eyed Susan to prosper.  Our property has a few and they are so dang pretty. The sky is pretty dang amazing in these shots.

IMG_2981 IMG_2987

I must continue this blog from indoors – wind is starting to pick and I better grab the patio cushions lest thy fly away – again!!!

Don’t have time to post the pictures I got afterwards  -I am teaching at Vivify a 5..  As much as I love my blog, I love Vivify more 🙂

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