Instagram Challenge Antics

The Sandia Mountains have been my photography muse for some time now. I love staring at them.  It is cool they were named for watermelon.  I really need to explore the Sandias. I have eaten at the restaurant at the tram but have been remiss in actually taking the tram.

Here is yesterday’s Instagram shot.  Plank pose.  Plank is a fantastic way to strengthen the entire body.  I used to be able to hold it forever. I gotta get back to that!  Chaturanga (low plank) is a little dicier for me, it can flare up my shoulder arthritis, and as such I must limit how many I do. My ego as a Yoga Teacher wishes that I didn’t have to modify some Chaturangas during class, but hey, this is a first world problem for sure.


Of course I had to take a few more pictures whilst the camera was set up properly.

It time to meditate. I am being *pretty* good at meditating these days.  I’m better at conscious pausing. I am grateful that Erich Schiffmann introduced me to the concept.  If you are curious…

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