I taught 4 yoga classes yesterday and I’m waking up pretty stiff.  Don’t get me wrong, all the classes were fun.  And I rather like a mild muscle soreness, it means I’m challenging myself.  I can also blame the following pictures that I took yesterday without warming up.  🙂  It is not the most intelligent thing to do mind you. So if you try any of these I highly recommend warming up first.  🙂


I think this is “seal”


variation of Salabasana for IG challenge


forearm stag


forearm splits


Full Pinchamayurasana – which I find much harder than splits or stag

I am going to lead an advanced yoga workshop at Vivify in Mid-October.  We are still finalizing the date.  I am really stoked about it and it is motivating me to practice my Yang Yoga a lot more diligently.  This is a very good thing, I enjoy inversions and arm-balancing a whole lot.

Teaching at Desert Forge Fitness this morning at 7:45.  Only class of the day. I think I’ll also go to the gym to lift a little.  There is an important balance between strength and flexibility and I tend to go hypermobile without weight training.

I'd love to hear what you think :)

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