Wheel Drop-backs

I really love wheel. An intense heart-opener and spinal stretch for sure.  It is extra fun to do it from a standing position, I have to admit.  This is an example of when I feel the most gratitude for my mother for all my gymnastics classes.  This is scary as all hell to try if you didn’t ever try as a kid.  I wasn’t very smart in this little clip, I didn’t warm up in the slightest.  This is super unwise for most body types.  I’m blessed with a super flexible spine, so don’t feel bad if this one isn’t in your practice.  I am more than happy to give pointers and a spot if you want to work with me on this one. I’ve taught quite a few over the years.  But I’m not too interested in trying to explain online.  My greatest fear as a teacher is to cause pain.

Here are a few other stills I took while I was playing on the driveway.  Several drive-bys by my neighbors.  It is my yoga to not give a shit what they think about my driveway behavior.

IMG_3833 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3830 IMG_3831

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