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Double-Trouble Musings

Nothing better than a double.  (okay, maybe a triple or quaduple I guess).  I am referring to Yoga Classes All.  Not your daily Java order. Or whatever else you might think of off hand.  Just Saying.

OK OK.  It probably doesn’t count to say I did a yoga double this morning since I taught the first one. I’ll agree, as instructor, I’m not working physically as hard as the students per se, since I oftentimes take breaks from my mat to wander the room and check on form.  But I’d like to say I still participate in a LOT of the class and I *am* in the room the entire time so I certainly do my share of sweating, trust me!

As an aside I have to say BOY!!!  I sure enjoyed teaching to this absolutely beautiful group of yogis.  The focus and intent in the room was really a sight to behold.  I just love my 7:45 a.m at Desert Forge Fitness.  There are lots of regulars and it is SO FUN to see the progress. 

My dear friend Rebecca talked me into taking the 9:30 a.m class at Vivify straightaway afterwards and I am ever so grateful that she did.  It was a ton of fun practicing with her by my side amidst a lovely group of yogis.  The Vivify studio is truly a lovely setting and the community there simply amazing.  It is so much fun to guide class, but it is truly a joy to let another instructor take the helm and do the thinking.  It was a lovely and challenging class, many thanks to Michele.

Super Stinky.  Super Happy.  Best Shower Ever afterwards.

After teaching 4 classes yesterday, I’m pretty happy to focus on the more meditative aspects of yoga for the remainder of the day.  Yet I had to get my Instagram shot of the day in – which is floor bow/dhanurasana.  It truly is one of my favorite poses of all time, but it is one that you ought to be nice and warmed up for – shoulders and spine especially.  Here are a few variation that I came up with, which I choose remains to be seen.

IMG_3920 IMG_3921 IMG_3922 IMG_3923 IMG_3924

Of course while out there I had to play around with a few other poses, here are some stills.  If you have 12 seconds to burn, check out the IMG link below these pictures to enjoy a little The Birds Action.  I am stoked that WordPress is allowing me to include a link without going through youtube.  Crows are pretty cool – yet they have creeped me out more than once.  I didn’t even notice the crow at the time but in retrospect I’m lucky he didn’t scalp me 🙂

IMG_3926 IMG_3927 IMG_3928 IMG_3930


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