Missing my laptop

my beloved laptop crashed and burned on me earlier this week. Crappy timing, I just started school and I’m thrashing on the little Samsung tablet they provided. I don’t know how to use the little thing. 

I miss REAL books… Reading on a tablet sort of sucks. I miss my laptop, I had just loaded my books into it and was a lot easier to read on it… Now the tablet is my temporary laptop and I feel like someone has tied my dominant left hand behinds back!!! 😁😓😔😁😓😴
On a happier note we don’t have classes on Fridays and so I got to take Rebecca’s AWESOME morning class and then I taught stretchy class afterwards. I really needed to connect with mat!!! And I get to teach tonight at Vivify!!! Yay yay yay!!! 

In between Rebecca’s class and mine I took a few fun shots, for the #yogabasicmix IG challenge and others to prepare fort workshop on Oct 11th at Vivify. I’m limited with loading picture via my phone 


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