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Study Break

Taking a break from studying – to blog for a few minutes.  I want to share the pictures I took out front on my last study break around lunch.

IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4509 IMG_4506 IMG_4510 IMG_4507 IMG_4511 IMG_4512 IMG_4513 IMG_4508 IMG_4514 IMG_4515 IMG_4517 IMG_4518 IMG_4520

Getting back to my dratted homework.  I am super mad at myself – I misunderstood what one of my teachers wanted turned in today.  I won’t name subjects but let’s say it is something I should NOT have to be taking.  Anyways, I submitted only part of the assignment and when I realized I tried unsuccessfully to replace with the proper document…. But I don’t think it can actually be rescinded once submitted.  HOLY !#$#$#@%@% HELL. This is the class that I should be spending the least time on and yet it is by far the most time consuming.  I cannot WAIT for this semester to be over with just to be done with that class.  The rest I’m more or less with peace at.  Once again @!@#!$@#%@$%#$T@$%%@$@$@$%%@$

don’t know how to take it back. So I guess I’ll be getting docked on this assignment.  I am annoyed with myself.  And I pretty much detest this assignment to boot. Whatever. This too will pass.

OOOOh, Bonus Basenji pictures from our walk this morning. I love them so much. They cheer me up when this stupid pain in the ass class gets me down

IMG_4491 IMG_4493 IMG_4495 IMG_4496 IMG_4498

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