I have so much homework to do that I truly don’t know where to start.  Midterms next week. I am going to go to Vivify for Rebecca’s 9:30 class however.  I haven’t Taken class all week although I have and will continue to teach several classes per week.  Yoga IS the thing thats keeping me together 🙂  And I haven’t had the chance to go to Rebecca’s class in what seems like forever.  She is a wonderful and talented yogini.

I didn’t do any photography yesterday. I did teach at DFF and that was fun but I tried to otherwise stick to school related items.  And a pedicure.  🙂

So here are a couple that convey where I’m at in life. It is going to be a long 20 months.  Trying to keep the eyes on the prize.  Namaste!

Anatomy Midterm – OMI!
i need to stretch more at PIMA. Classroom chairs BLOW!
I really like this one. 🙂

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