Endocrine System Presentation… Done. whew

I’m happy to talk about how that went.  But hey, I’ve moved on. It is over and we did a pretty awesome job.

Holy HELL.  I wasted sooooooo much time on that presentation, it is really ridiculous.  I blame all the years of giving research presentations for any stress I endured.  My cohort is pretty cool.  In no way are they trying to question my authority, at least not YET.  But I am so scarred from the personal hell I’ve endured as a microbiologist.  Trying to be a round peg when I am assuredly a square.  I am so glad I am freed from that – and yet at the cellular level the experience fires my flight-or-flight response.

Feels great to say that… but no more time for blogging – I have two quizzes to prepare for tomorrow.  After I walk the dogs in the dark.  We live in the middle of no-where. No streeet lights.  Coyotes.  I have a pen light flashlight at the moment (DUDE I MUST BUY A BAD-ASS COTOYE CONCUSSION VARIETY TOMORROW!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 6.09.48 AM
what could possibly be more interesting than understanding how you work?

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