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IMG_5234Firefly from yesterday.

Currently listening to Pandora, drinking my coffee before my 6:15 a.m. class Listening to “If you leave me now”– Chicago. This song reminds me of gymnastics classes as a kid.  I love this song so very much.  It inspired me to add it to my iTUNES library 🙂

Why the connection?  I just remember the coaches playing this song constantly during practice.  I distinctly recall doing a roundoff back flip to it (with a spotter)

Ah, my love/hate relationship with gymnastics. The mean girls that bullied me first comes to mind. The headaches I experienced after a lot of flipping. The fears of hurting myself. Round off back handsprings were exciting and yet scary as shit. The day that I fell off the backbeam doing a backwalkover and scraped the side of my face. I *think* that was the breaking point for me and gymnastics. Not positive, it was so long ago. But that particular fall sticks out. I guess the parallel bars also frustrated the hell out of me. They were thrilling but I bruise easily and my hips were usually pretty banged up by the parallel bars…..

I wonder if I would kill myself trying that move I think we called a penny drop…..if I ever find myself near a set of parallel bars, I am pretty sure I’d risk it for the thrill of it. 🙂

Time to pick my “costume” for class (I recall David Life saying that, but perhaps it was Gary)



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