I am so happy with myself :)

I just checked my grades – and found out I got an A on my last A&P homework project!  Yay Yay Yay.  Not just an A – but a 100%!  I worked on that thing pretty damn hard, I was pretty damn happy with myself when I turned it in.  I know it will be a useful study guide for the final in a few weeks!

Finals are freaking me out.  So much to revisit.  A big part of my grade rides on my grades of course.  So I’m determined to enjoy my break, but I also fully intend to buckle down and know my origins and insertions, functions and innervations.  Aiiiiiii.

But enough on school right now.  I checked out an awesome yoga studio yesterday called “Hot or Not” and met the owner, which I always like. I AM a yoga snob. I just AM. I am not ashamed to admit it.  But it is a lovely studio, brand new but the vibe there is already strong.  It is a beautiful studio with hypnotic stenciling on the walls that I used as drishti points 🙂


While I would honestly like to blog and blog and blog some more…. I have a lot to do!  First I want to take an 8 a.m. class at Hot or Not.  Then it will be all about online Christmas shopping, cleaning the house for awhile and then STUDYING STUDYING STUDYING.





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