Happy New Year’s Eve!

Hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close.  Time seems to be going at warp speed these days.

Had a very lovely yoga class at Vivify this morning.  I elected to use Pandora’s Steely Dan Station, sometimes I enjoy letting the random music “genome” project do the picking.  The highlight was definitely Doobie Brothers/Jesus is just alright with me.  I really love love love that song-  You Tube it if you don’t know it.. 🙂 For whatever reason WordPress is being a butt about me linking it

Saw Star Wars this afternoon and it was SO FLIPPING AWESOME!!!  GO!  QUICK!!! 🙂 ….. of course I should have been studying for finals. I did get some solid study time this afternoon.  I am realizing that I study far more effectively when I’m at Starbucks, or Satellite Coffee, or Flying Star.  If I’m home with my darling Basenjis I tend fall asleep.  They are so silky and cuddly.

So here are my shots of yesterday/today.  I am going to post, and then I am going force myself to watch some anatomy videos on the forearm methinks.  Or maybe the foot.  I dunno.  There are plenty of other options.

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