Feeling some Fright

I am so mad that PIMA finals are this coming week.  I strongly believe that doing that is cruel. I might get into trouble sending my anger off to cyberspace, but what the hell.  I didn’t go to WA because of this, knowing I ought to study my ass off.

That hasn’t really happened.  The holidays have been incredibly stressful – the first one without my children.  I miss them so damn much.  So I studied some…… but I do not feel prepared whatsoever.  I’m pretty used to be the top score – or at least way up there – but if I can pull off Bs I’ll be glad I guess. All that REALLY matters is that I rock the Board Exam at the end of this process. B’s kinda bother me, but they still mean above average!  🙂

But I got a lot of yoga during PIMA break.  Taught lovely classes at Vivify – and even managed to TAKE some classes and that was a real treat.  A couple of those classes were at a new studio called “Hot or Not”.  I immediately liked it when I walked in the doors.  I would love to teach a weekly class there Universe!  Just sayin’ – I’m confident that I can build a strong class there. I love the yogis I know, but the more, the better, right?

Here’s yesterday’s shots

Ok, better slam my coffee and get studying

Love and Light!







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