Watching the clock

Just got home from a delightful sushi lunch with a dear friend.  She is such a lovely lady and the fish was Good! We were finished with lunch by 2 but visited well past that. But I am FULL.  I hope that this feeling has gone away before I teach at 6:15 at Vivify or I’m doomed (actually, it just means that I won’t participate as much as I’d like, I’ll walk around and pick on form)!  But I really want to join in and get nice and sweaty!

I did practice a little bit this morning anyways.  My top pictures are….

I love when Romey gets involved.  Zena she’s always interested in my yoga mat antics.  Romey, not so much but he indulges me from time to time.

For whatever reason today, I got wondering if there are applications to make photos look like Warhol paintings.  Had to look.  Guess what?  Indeed there are and I’m sure this won’t be the last one I post





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