:( How CAN the weekend be over :(

Well, I still have a few hours to enjoy, but I am sad to recognize the weekend is drawing to  an end. I used to *DREAD* monday mornings back in Seattle, working as a microbiologist.  It would oftentimes make me cry, I was SO not into it.

It’s different now.  I now longer experience the extent of sorrow I did back then, but there is a stress that I’m not used to now.  Returning to school is not that awesome folks.  I have grown pretty used to the weekends being MINE, not using them as a time to do all the HW that no one gives me a chance to do during the week.  I managed to get quite a bit done, but there’s tons more I could do…. But we are having a friend over for dinner, which is a good thing to do going into Week 2 of Semester II.  I’m going to Seattle in a couple of weeks, so after tonight I’m gonna have to stay focused on staying ahead of HW.

Like Hell I’m not going to enjoy a trip Home. Especially not when my son turns 18.  I feel pretty strongly about that.

Here are a few fun pictures from the weekend.


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