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No Voice

I have been fighting a sore throat bug of sorts for the past few days.  I felt sorta feverish on Thursday with a wicked sore throat.  The next day I sounded like Darth Vader in the a.m. but is much improved by afternoon, so I thought I was on the mend. Got together with the Hot or Not team last night and it was so much fun! I am so excited to be joining their family.

But I had a coughing attack all night long and am now experiencing pretty bad laryngitis.  It takes effort to talk and I sound like shit. I am bummed, I am supposed to teach this morning at Viv.  I have been looking forward to it all week.  I feel fine otherwise and want to get on my mat SO MUCH.  So if I can’t find a sub I guess I could make it a silent class – a monkey see, monkey do.  But hopefully someone will be able to take it, cuz the M.D. husband recommends I use my voice as little as possible today. He is a pretty smart fellow, when I don’t heed his advice, I tend to regret it later.

It is CRUCIAL that I bounce back, there is so much to do in school next week and I’m scheduled to teach tomorrow morning at Vivifiy.  Plus my first recurring class at Hot or Not Tues morning (so stoked!). I’ve a good immune system and I’ll be sure to do a lot inversions today to force the bad juju out (haha, as a Ph.D. in microbiology I could be more scientific…but why????).  And I WILL try to be quiet today.

My yoga photography has taken a backseat to school lately.  Here are a few pictures to share. I want to figure out how to post a rather amusing clip of my dogs and their photobombs the other day.  Wordpress has changed the way you load video footage and I haven’t bothered to learn the new way.  I will eventually.




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I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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