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I really enjoyed teaching at Vivify this morning.  The 9:30 a.m. class is always super fun and we worked hard!!!  Yay!  I didn’t take many pictures, I was too busy visiting with students after class but I think this sums up my happiness.

But there was one student in the room that Really Bummed Me Out.  I would love input from other teachers on this one, and how to tactfully say STOP IT!



One of the *strangest experiences* I’ve had as a teacher  This particular student has only been to the studio a few times.  She clearly has a developed practice.  But the woman didn’t follow class whatsoever.  From the very get-go she did her own thing.  Initially I found it pretty distracting.  I figured eventually she would join the group – I mean why go to a group class if you are going to march to the beat of an entirely different drum?

It would have driven me to distraction as a new teacher. But I’ve encountered far more difficult situations over the years. Since she had set up in the back row to the side I just tolerated it and hoped to heaven that the other students didn’t find her terribly distracting.  Had she set up in the front row, I would have been forced to address the situation.  It’s interesting – while she has a very pretty practice, she is NOT an advanced yogi.  So Not Impressed.

I hope that she doesn’t come back to my class EVER if that is how she is going to behave.

It is ***extremely** rare for me to feel that way about a student.  I make a point of giving people freedom to do their expression of a pose – advanced or modified. I also stress to not attempt a pose that doesn’t feel right for your body.  But I’ve never thought to stress that if you aren’t going to make an attempt to stay with the class from the very start, well…. I don’t really want you in my yoga room.

GOSH I HOPE SHE JUST DOESN’T COME BACK.  I don’t want that kind of anti-social behavior going on in my room.  I mean, seriously?  An ENTIRE CLASS of not trying to participate in a group class?

Well, that being said, I gotta get back to studying about the Nervous System.  It is fascinating, but I needed a break and it was fun to revisit how I felt and how I will need to deal with that stuff in the future.

I would really appreciate input on this one Universe.  I’m so glad you didn’t put her in one of my first yoga classes.  I would have cried.







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