I shouldn’t be doing this

I have 2 mid-terms today. One I feel ok about – the other not so much.  But I’m taking a 5 minute break to say Hi Universe!!! It’s been fun observing cadavers and Anatomy Books and being reminded in my Growth/Development class of all the things I did wrong as a parent…

Sure glad I’ve got my yoga, my tether.  I may question my big life decisions, but on my mat things are simpler.  I love teaching – I know I have a long way to go – but I’m pretty happy with seeing my dear students progress and get aligned and learn to smile along the way.  So I may epically fail on my mid-terms today, but I know I led a fun 6 a.m. class , and that I will do better on my tests as a result


I leave it there. I need to GROK indications/contraindications/precautions for a plethora of modalities, amongst other things



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