Basenji Mishap

Yesterday I was studying in my office when I heard the dogs come inside.  Zena began to whine like she does when she wants something from Romeo.  She can be a brat – but it is really pretty cute.

I decided to investigate.

They were on the sofa with the lower half of a rabbit, clearly a fresh kill.  Thankfully not bloody, but a dead rabbit nonetheless.  I of course disposed of the poor thing and was seriously grossed out the entire day.

They have been wanting to catch a rabbit so bad. I might get a sublexed shoulder some day when I’m walking them. Not big dogs but when they pull together when I am unsuspecting, I really think it could happen.

Anyway, I blame Zena for the murder.  Romeo is plenty fast so he is fully capable.  I just can’t imagine my Romeo actually killing anything.  He is my baby.

Here is Romeo chillin’ with me yesterday while I studied. They slept the whole afternoon away, the bunny murder clearly wore them out!!  Yech!


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