GOD! I should be studying II

I’ve been up since 3 a.m. studying for my finals for Semester II.  I’ve been listening to classical piano on Pandora.  But then I HAD to energize.  Screen shot.  A picture IS worth a thousand words, right?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 5.04.23 AM.png

It’s inspired me to give my corporeal form a little respite from this desk chair.

Over 2 hours. That’s downright ahimsic.

ANYWAYS– off I go to

 Pray. For Passing PTA Techniques.

I’ve struggled with this class as it involves memorizing a fuck of a lot of numbers which I’ve not all that great at.  Concepts, sure.  I rock at that.  But the skill comp tests have been a bearcat.  I don’t function well when there’s someone behind me is with a clipboard tracking my every move and making sure I do each step in the process. Even if they are all nice people, I get serious performance anxiety when I am just learning technique. I could well fail this class.  With my education and Ph.D. graduate GPA of 3.96…

Ego check!

Do not get me wrong – if I continue the PTA path, I’ll rock it next semester.  We start Therapeutic Exercises in Semester III.  I’ve hours of practice with that from EOPT.  Bodywork is what I want to be doing, certainly not wrapping people for residual limbs. Preparing amputees for residual limbs would NOT be a good fit for me. No, I want sports medicine/ortho.  So some of this stuff is super challenging.

Stretch (whilst contemplating My how to make my new Sunday Empower class at Vivify  the funnest class ever).  

I wish you the nicest of days.

Time to Pray/Meditate 🙂

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