Ode to Prince

I haven’t been more saddened by the death of Prince since Jerry Garcia’s. I’ve been listening to Prince music all morning (I’ve been up several hours because I keep very weird hours).

Studying – getting super overwhelmed.  Instead of breathing into a paper bag, I’ve been practiced some Yin with my pretty substantial Prince playlist. It brings up so many memories.  He was such a flippin’ amazing artist.  RIP dude.

I think one of my favorite memories of high school was scoring tickets to his Purple Rain Concert.  He simply blew my mind on Christmas Eve that year.  Mom only said I could go if I could be pleasant the next day when we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house the following morning.  Let’s just say that I was extremely overtired from an fun evening.  I might even be able to scrounge a few pictures of how utterly exhausted I was at that X-mas party (but I need to walk the dogs and go teach a 9 a.m class – which means I gotta roll)!!!!  But I kept my end of the bargain and there are no regrets.

Mom would have Kicked My Ass if she knew that I listened to Prince’s Controversy like a kazillion times.

Life is so precious. Live it to the fullest.  I’m gonna try to as well

3 thoughts on “Ode to Prince

  1. Hey Theresa,

    Sorry to just drop in here – I just wanted to say thanks for taking me to that concert long ago, and for getting me to appreciate Prince’s music. When I heard the news, I thought of you and that show, and I hope you are doing okay. I also had the memory of sitting in a tent with Larry Greenwood at the MN state track meet, cranking “When Doves Cry” and going “what’s this about? I think I like it!” I was impressed back then how you got all his earlier work, and some of those songs seemed even more important to you, because they weren’t as well-known as “Purple Rain,” like “Controversy,” and that “you can use your seat-cushion as a flotation device” song :-).

    So anyway, thanks for broadening my horizons back in the day. All the best to you and your family.


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