Hot or Not Yoga NM inspires :)

Ok, I am in love with the mirror angle at the lovely Hot or Not Yoga NM studio, where I am super duper lucky to teach at!  After class today I messed around quite awhile….. I’ll call it artistic desire, but one *could* argue it was procrastination from studying… I’m not going to try to argue.

Your call.  I am pretty satisfied  – the first clip I took was better but in that one I vocalized a **bit too much**.  One of my teachers said on many an occasion that I’m too dramatic with my practice.  With him in mind, I did another take with a smile on my face…..  (but I landed too hard this time).  Too tired for a 3rd try, but you can bet I will do so – and soon!!!)

I had great ambition to study all afternoon but I got a bit busy cleaning off my desk, filing paperwork…. how can I possibly study with such chaos? 🙂

I’m teaching the 6:15 p.m. class at Vivify this evening.  Yay!  So at this point, I only can study for 1.5 h or so (DRAT!)



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