Thoughts on my Empower

I am very pleased with the way my new Empower class is coming along.  My arms are rather sore from yesterday’s class but I had so much FUN!!!. I was quite impressed with some of the advanced moves the students pulled off. They were super willing to try stuff they never had tried.  Big smiles when they pulled off stuff they’ve already been working on.

Man, it so inspiring to witness.  I am simply honored I get to lead this class.  Yang-y stuff has always been my favorite style of yoga but the majority of my teaching experience is leading Yin.  I loved teaching Yin, I hear I have a soothing voice.  (that’s fun to hear!). I think my Yang dialog is improving.  I intend to make this class as free form that I can and each class has been so much fun.  I need to watch more yoga instruction videos instead of partial episodes of Big Bang Theory when I get sucked into youtube site.

Time to write my weekly to do schedule and print lecture notes.  🙂



Timestamp of snap: 0:59.4

Timestamp of snap: 0:59.4


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