So excited!!!

My son is graduating from High School next week so I have the perfect excuse to take a trip to my former home, Seattle.  I have been missing my friends something fierce!  I can’t wait to give him the biggest of hugs, so proud of the young man that he has become.

Missing a day of school to get there seems to be frowned upon – because every hour is apparently sacred…. But I have no regrets on losing a ton of points for my choice to be at the graduation.  It is a no brainer!

I haven’t had the time in the past few days to do yoga shots, but I will definitely make that a priority today.

Here’s my latest set.

It is time for me to study.  Namaste All, be sure to take at least 10 minutes to stretch your beautiful body! It is a magical instrument and it deserves a little time 🙂

I'd love to hear what you think :)

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