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Seattle Bound TOMORROW!

Oh my goodness I have less than 24 hrs to get my act together! I need to study all morning, school all afternoon and then come home and pack.  A lot of homework will join me but I’m betting I’ll actually deal with a fraction of itI

Quite sure I am absolutely fuc*ed upon return. to ABQ;  I have an extensive list of skill comps to perform/mid-terms.  Taking this weekend off, right now ain’t the best of times to travel. An instructor hinted he/she question my priorities, the missing of the Thursday labs….That comment really pissed me off.  I want to become a PTA very much but I find the this program so much less important than seeing my son graduate from HS when I have missed his senior year. Good God, the sadness I’ve had about not being with my beloved son.  have missed him so. I have to make the most of the time that I can have there this weekend.  I mean I made it quite clear to this person and he/she was incredibly un-moved by my choices.  I continue to wonder if this kind of shit is tolerable. Gotta meditate on that.

Pretty sure the studying will occur whilst traveling.  I typically give myself the guilty pleasure of actually buying People magazine – or if I’m particularly willing to suspend disbelieve – US.  I know certain people take that time to focus on politics, the fact that earth could be destroyed by Donald Trump.  There are so many erudite thangs that I should be interested in.  I prefer looking at pretty pictures of amazing designer dresses. Hence guilty pleasure

Took these shots yesterday after my morning class. I can’t emphasize enough that an early morning asana practice transforms the day.


Gotta practice inversions!!!



I won’t be teaching again until Tuesday, which will be weird.  But I WILL go The Ashram whilst in WA. I 1st want to attend a class at the original studio that I taught at.  I am grateful that I got to lead a whole lot of wonderful yogis in the powerful practice of Yoga there.

I gotta leave my cyberspace journal now. I have a lot of Kinesiology and Rehabilitation to take on.  It’s alway nice to send my thoughts out to cyberspace.  But everything in moderation!

Have a wonderful day and be sure to do your stretching – just a few matters really matters. Hydrate.  Get some rest.  Breathe!




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I am a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor in Rio Rancho New Mexico. My family consists of 1 Husband, 2 Kids (grown), and 3 Basenjis (spoiled).

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