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Skill Competencies

I suck at them.  They involve a fake situation where I’m given an unknown situation and I’m then expected to quickly react and apply the appropriate modality.  Today I’m getting tested on goniometry, manual muscle testing, balance, and repeating a body mechanics explanation repeat.  The latter is almost shameful, being a yoga instructor.

The deal is that I couldn’t get the pretend caregiver to figure out proper body mechanics – and therefore my pretend patient wouldn’t have a good caregiver.  So I failed that one.  I regret that I didn’t offer tactile cues and keep repeating until the “caregiver” figured it out.  The “caregiver” was purposefully being difficult, acting dumb. At a point I wish I’d just had the balls to say maybe the caregiver needed to find a new caregiver

The deal is that “caregiver” was also the director of the PTA program.  So that last option probably would have failed me too.  🙁

I am so ready to just walk at this point. We have midterms next week and they are going to be a lot more difficult and even more random scenario.  And this is only the middle of the term.  I just don’t know if I want to pursue this bullshit.

If I fail at the balance and stretching skill comps I think I’ll just throw in the towel.

On a nicer note, the highlights of my yesterday.


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